Everyday we use the term time ‘Everything depends upon time’, ‘There is a time for everything’ and so on But, what is Time exactly? How can one define time? There is a simple definition that has been going around It states Time is that can be measured But this definition arises another question – What is the yardstick for this measurement? From ancient time itself earth’s rotation and revolution has been the basis or yardstick for the measurement of time However, rotation and revolution varies So what are we left with? A whole bundle of misconceptions

Then you will ask what should be the basis? A basis should be a non-varient But is such an ideal, universal and non-variant basis available or can such a basis be found? Let me leave that question for the moment (for your ponderings) Now next problem in understanding the working of time Change in every quantity is measured with respect to chnage in time If time’s measure change from one point in space to another, then how the measured change can be accurate? Thus, in short, all the derivatives of time are set on a foundation of transitory theorems

All the changes measured depend upon time, then on what does time depends? Is the dependency on ever-changing orbits and orbital velocity? Or is it the frequency of atom (believed to be accurate)? But what of changes in them that occurs with changes in environment? These are questions that needs to be answered in order to understand time

In the upcoming posts I will try to put forward my thoughts, ideas and approach in answering these questions So keep visiting

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